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Why everything can get easier when you get a bridge job

bridge job

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Every Sunday evening, you have a growing sense of dread as the last few hours of your weekend slip by.

Most mornings, you can barely drag yourself out of bed because you can’t imagine spending another day at your job.

You have big plans for your after-work hours, but after 8+ hours at your job, all of that flies out the window because you’re flat-out exhausted. You hardly have enough energy to pick up dinner on the way home and zone out to a few hours of Netflix.

You have a habit of casually scrolling through job postings, but rarely have …

How to tell, once and for all, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert


Pardon me while I dust off my soapbox and get fired up about something (Ha! As if my soapbox ever gets dusty…).

I’ve got a bone to pick when it comes to introverts and extroverts.

There’s a huge misconception about what both of those words mean, and I used to fall prey to it. In fact, I spent a big chunk of my life feeling like I was broken because of how widespread this false interpretation is.

For some reason, we’ve gotten the idea that being an introvert means that you’re shy. A wallflower. Quiet. Hesitant to share your opinions. Demure.

And on the other hand, we assume that being an extrovert makes you …