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Why it’s totally OK when you don’t like someone


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Several months ago, I was helping facilitate a multi-day business training. I didn’t know any of the other instructors, so when I showed up on the first day, I introduced myself to the training team.

I instantly got a weird vibe from the head trainer.

She ignored my introduction entirely and started spouting off everything that still needed to be done …

5 things everyone wants in their career, but no one talks about


Here’s something I’ve noticed:

Most humans tend to move through life believing that they are islands unto themselves.

If we feel depressed, we assume everyone else is happy.

If we feel stuck, we get frustrated by how “ahead” the people around us are.

If we feel lost, everyone seems to have found themselves.

We assume that we’re alone in our internal world and that something is wrong with us for feeling how we feel.

One of the best parts about my job is that I’ve had access to countless internal worlds.

And I can tell you right now — most of what I hear is a repeat of what I’ve already heard. Everyone is thinking …