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Free audio interview: Where your career and passion meet


We’re taking a break from blogging this week so that we can relax a little after the whirlwind of the PPVE launch! But that doesn’t mean we’re coming to you empty handed today.

Rachel was interviewed last week for an episode of our dear friend (and fellow coach) Joanna Platt’s new podcast, Love Always, Jo.

This interview is packed with SO MUCH great advice. If you enjoy our free videos and workshops (the few times per year that they come around), you’ll get just as much out of this.

Rachel and Joanna talk about …

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What to do when you feel like you’re behind in life


Rachel and I are having so much fun meeting some of the newest members of our Passion Plan Virtual Experience program (tomorrow is the last day to enroll, BTW) through our community forum, and one of them posted a comment that I’ve heard countless times before:

“I feel like at my age, I’m SO far behind and need to be insanely productive every single day.”

She was referring to feeling behind in her career, which is something that most of my clients have also told me at some point (regardless of their age). But feeling behind can spill into every area of your life.

If your friends start getting married while …