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This works SO much better than New Year’s resolutions

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It’s pretty much impossible to head into a new year without getting that itch to reevaluate your life and consider what you’d like to change in the upcoming year.

And yet, we’ve all heard ad nauseam (and experienced firsthand) how New Year’s resolutions never seem to stick.

So do you set resolutions anyway, knowing in the back of your mind that they never tend to last more than a few weeks? Or do you give up setting resolutions altogether, even though there are some things you’d really like to change in the new year?

We believe there’s a better approach.

So how can you make the changes you want to make in your life, without setting …

Do you actually hate your job? Or are you experiencing burnout? How to tell the difference.

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You’re tired, you’re overwhelmed, and you’re frustrated. Going to work every day is a complete slog. It takes a mountain of energy to accomplish even the slightest things. You’re completely over it to an epic degree.

It’s time to quit, right?

Maybe … but maybe not.

What if there was a chance that your job wasn’t to blame? What if (and we know it sounds wild right now), once you recover from burnout, you might actually love your job?

How do you tell the difference between actually hating a job (and needing to quit) versus being burnt out (and not needing to quit)?

That’s the question we’re answering in a brand new Side Chat!

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