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Are you a hummingbird or a jackhammer?


Have you ever met someone who’s always known what they wanted to do?

They were 5 years old and sure they’d be a writer or a nurse or an engineer, went and did exactly that, and are still doing it to this day?

You probably have.

And while those people didn’t set out to make the rest of us feel bad … it sort of happens inadvertently, doesn’t it?

Liz Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic) calls these people “jackhammers.” As in, they drill down with mega-focus on one thing that they’re really passionate about and they hammer away at it forever. She’s a self-admitted jackhammer, herself, when it comes …

The question I want you to ask yourself all year


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One of my favorite things about January is that I always get a few extra update emails from previous clients who have been doing some New Years’ reflecting on their past year and want to share it with me.

After reading a few of those, I can’t help thinking about how freaking much can happen in the span of just one year.

A lot has happened for me personally, of course, but I’m especially amazed by some of my clients’ stories about this past year. For many of them, their lives are nearly unrecognizable from …