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How to feel more energized at work (& generally in life)


I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day, doing some work on my laptop, sipping my after-lunch tea and enjoying the relative quiet, when a rush of people flooded in all at once.

I looked up to see that my quiet little coffee shop, which had been practically empty just 10 minutes before, now was bustling with noise and had a line out the door.

I checked the time — yep, the 2pm coffee rush.

It got me thinking, what’s with the collective need for a caffeine boost mid-afternoon?

I’m sure there are many explanations for why so many of us hit that 2pm slump (not enough sleep, heavy lunches that make you …

The WORST thing you can do if you’re looking for a job

looking for a job

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I’ll admit, a lot of what motivates me in my writing and coaching can be boiled down to something I’d call “professional outrage.”

I know I’m supposed to be non-judgy and infinitely patient. And I am with my clients because they’re cool people and they deserve that from me, always.

But there are some things that I straight up loathe. (As in, when I come across them, my eyes narrow and my nostrils flame and I acquire a Draco-Malfoy-worthy sneer.) And while there are many things I could hate on, for now I’m going to focus …