Have you ever had that experience of scrolling through jobs online — which can honestly feel a bit like sifting through a trash heap — and stumbling upon a gem amidst the junk?

Your eyes get wide as you’re reading through the description. You’re mentally checking off how good it all sounds: An actually decent salary! A cool work environment! Ability to work from home sometimes! Responsibilities that would actually stimulate my brain!

… and then, there at the bottom … “must have 10+ years of experience.”

Cue instant defeat and disappointment. 

Annnd back to the junk pile you go.


Last summer Kristen wrote about why you should apply for jobs you’re not qualified for — because SO many of our clients find awesome opportunities, but don’t feel experienced enough (or “good enough” in some other way) to get them, and end up disqualifying themselves for something they could actually have gotten, if they’d tried.

And now, because it’s week three of the Summer Freedom Series (one month of surprise bonuses that inspire, uplift and make you feel free), we’re taking this from why you should apply to jobs you aren’t qualified for to the next level:

How to apply for jobs you’re not qualified for.

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apply for jobs


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Until then, enjoy your audio download, and come share a comment on the “Why you should apply for jobs you aren’t qualified for” post if you hadn’t read it before! We’d love to hear your take.

Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel

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