Getting What You Want in 2020: Live Workshop with Q&A

Will you join us for the PPVE?

The program that we mentioned in the workshop — the Passion Plan Virtual Experience, our online program designed to help you figure out what you’re meant to do with your life in 6 weeks or less — is open for enrollment for the last time EVER through Tomorrow, January 29th.

Here are a couple pointers we mentioned during the workshop that you won’t want to miss:

  • It’s a 6-week course that helps you figure out what to do with your life. Think of it as the “AP Life” class you should have taken in high school, but never got the chance!
  • The content is a mix of videos, workbook assignments, and interaction with us and the rest of the group in a private forum.
  • You’ll have forever access to the content, even though this is the last time we’re running the course.
  • Nearly 500 people have gone through this program, so its track record is pretty stellar.
  • The content requires about 3-4 hours of time per week. It’s challenging in a good way, but totally manageable.
  • It’s meant for people who not only want to find their passion, but who want to get more meaning and purpose out of their entire life.
  • If you’ve been spinning your wheels for a long time and want some expert guidance getting un-stuck, this is very likely the right place for you.

The PPVE content is the same process we take all of our 1-on-1 coaching clients through, which means there’s never going to be a more affordable way to get access to deep, transformative coaching than this!

Sign up here when you’re ready!