Hey, I’m Kristen.

I’ve always been a questioner. The rationale “that’s just how things are” never sat quite right with me. I want to know, “Why?” “Why not?” “What else is possible?” You’ll never find me following arbitrary rules “just because.”

I love to laugh, and I do it all the time. I’m pretty sure all of my friends feel like comical geniuses when I’m around.

As a friend, I’m fiercely loyal. The people in my inner circle feel less like friends and more like my soul family. Because of that, I don’t tend to do casual acquaintances very well.

I’m definitely a foodie. And I don’t mean a food connoisseur … I mean I just really love food. I’ll be the one asking, “Excuse me, does that come with cheese?”

I’m also a huge bookworm and have been my entire life. My little brother calls me “Nerdy cool” because I’ve always got a book lying around. I’m really not so sure about the “cool” part, though…

I must have an energy about me that says, “Hello, stranger! Please talk to me and tell me your life story,” because it happens to me all the time … including in some pretty awkward places, like the changing area of the gym locker room.

My purpose in life is to give people permission to be who they are. I know firsthand how existentially exhausting it is to try to be someone you’re not … and how freeing it feels to finally embrace yourself exactly as you are.