Hey, I’m Rachel.

I’m the one you’ll find accidentally talking too loud in public, and not being all that embarrassed by it. But don’t mistake me for an extrovert … I’m a genuine introvert who firmly believes that “having fun” means reading books, watching Netflix, and having brunch with no more than 3 other people at a time.

I’m also a straight-up nerd. No, really. I got teary when the latest Star Wars movie came out, and I would gladly spend most of my time reading (and watching) Outlander, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Sherlock, if I could.

I’ve had a lot of convictions and questions my entire life. My mom used to call me “pig-headed” (thanks, Mom!), but believed that my stubbornness would eventually pay off. I think she was right, because it was almost entirely my stubborn refusal to go back and get a “real job” that lead to making Clarity on Fire a success.

Of the two of us, Kristen is the one who gets constantly approached by strangers eager to share their life story (her resting face looks genuinely pleasant). I’m the one who this never happens to (because my resting face looks fierce, and not in a Top Model kind of way).

My purpose in life is simple: I’m here to be a truth-teller. From being the one you can depend on to tell it like it is, to helping others discover and express their personal truths — even if it’s unpopular or uncomfortable — I’ll always stand up for what’s real and true. You can count on it.