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Our Approach To Coaching

You get permission to be who you are.

When you coach with us, you un-learn “who the world told you to be.”

Most people feel blocked from figuring out their passion and living the life they desire because, in some way or another, they feel they “can’t” or “shouldn’t” be who they are or want what they want.

We give you permission to let go of everything that is not you, so that you can live a life that’s solely aligned with your values and identity.

We’re in it to help you release the burden of external pressure and find the relief that comes when you have the freedom to be yourself.


Passion isn’t a “thing,” and not everyone is meant to express their passion the same way.

Most people are focused on figuring out what their passion is…something that can be conveniently labeled on their résumé or narrowed to a title like “Photographer” or “Marketing Executive.”

But that’s not what finding your passion is all about.

Your passion is actually a set of values (like … creativity, freedom, flexibility, or peace) that influence everything you do. “Finding your passion” is less about getting the right job, and more about figuring out what values you’re deeply attracted to.

It’s the opposite of bouncing from job to job, hoping something will fulfill you … once you know what you’re deeply attracted to, then you can intentionally pursue a career that aligns with those values.

And by the way … knowing how you want your passion in life to be expressed is just as important as knowing what your passion is.

Not everyone is meant to sit at a desk, or run their own business, or even to combine work and passion at all. Everyone has a different preference for how they combine work and passion, and you have permission to pursue the way that works best for you.

We call the way in which you’re meant to combine passion and career your “Passion Profile.” This is what the Passion Profile Quiz is all about, and it’s something we refer back to in all of our coaching.

You, the whole person, gets coached … not just your situation.

Humans are incapable of neatly containing their feelings into boxes. This means that when we coach you, even if you come to us for a specific reason (like, “I hate my job and want a new one”), we’ll focus on your entire life.

Because, more often than not, what’s making you feel stuck in one area is impacting every other area of your life, whether you realize it or not.

If we waved a magic wand and fixed your current situation, you’d be happy for a very short time. And then inevitably life would throw something else at you, and you’d be totally unprepared for the change.

We’re not about slapping a Band-Aid over your situation.

We’re more interested in creating people who deeply know who they are and what they value so that, no matter what happens in life, they’re capable of responding and living according to who they are.

We know that when we coach you the way you need to be coached, you’ll end up getting what you need out of life … which will then allow you to get what you want.

Instead of getting the quick fix that you want in the moment, you walk away as the kind of person you want to be … which is infinitely more valuable.

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