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If you thought "This is me!" when you took the Passion Profile Quiz, you're going to love this...
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Take your career from stuck to clear in our easiest, most affordable program.

We're showing you step-by-step how to align your Passion Profile with your career.

This is PERFECT for you if you're overwhelmed, craving answers, and wishing someone would tell you where to start!
What people are saying...
  • "This course so far has been more beneficial than the job coaching I had to take a loan out for."


    Mary S.

  • "I love you girls! You are the only peeps in personal development that I have really felt a connection with because you and your work is very authentic and deep."


    Jeanie T.

  • This course is life-changing! Thank you for following your fire 😉 and making a difference in people's lives!


    Maya M.

  • I was hesitant prior to signing up and paying my money would the content live up to the promise?

    But as soon as I started the course, I was glad I did. You are both inspiring, and I've been carrying your enthusiasm and recommendations into a career that matches my passions, even at my 53 years old!


    Paul S.

  • Lightbulbs, left and right! So glad I put in the time for this course.

    This is a whole new method of career planning that I never considered!


    Christian V.

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