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What to do when the world tells you you’re “too much” or “not enough”

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Have you ever noticed that as a woman (sorry if you’re not a woman, but we can only speak from experience, so…), you often feel like you have to deal with a ton of seemingly contradictory messages?

“Don’t stay silent! Speak your mind.” But also … “Don’t be so loud and opinionated. You’ll turn people off.”

“Be as accommodating and pleasing as you can!” But also … “Don’t let people take advantage of you!”

“Don’t be a wallflower! Be colorful and interesting so you’ll get noticed.” But also … “Tone it down. There’s no need to be so bold and intense.”


How’s a girl supposed to act when …

Being human is hard. But here’s how to make it easier.

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Raise your hand if you feel that you could make a full-time job out of just taking good care of yourself (and the people and pets in your life).

We think it’s really overwhelming how many things the average person is responsible for in their daily life — cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of pets (not to mention children and aging parents!), shuttling yourself and others to and fro, calling customer service when something goes wrong or doesn’t work, doctors’ appointments, exercise, drinking enough water, and on and on — and that’s not including your actual full-time job!

It’s nothing short of a travesty how most humans sacrifice the vast majority of their time to …

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