You can’t cure the human experience with Kyle Ramsvig


When Kyle Ramsvig was a teenager, she found out that nearly all of the girls in the senior class of her small, private high school were either in therapy or on anti-depressants — all of them had thought they were broken, but none of them were talking about it with each other because they were ashamed.

In this inaugural interview with a “normal person,” Rachel talks to Kyle (one of her clients) about why we’re so afraid of our feelings and how to live a happy, fulfilled life in a world that often makes us feel wrong for being human.

We talked about:

  • Why millennials being told that they’re “special” may have backfired
  • How almost everything you feel is normal, and why none of it makes you a freak
  • How you can experience all that life has to offer — the high-highs, low-lows, and the vast amounts of mediocrity in between — and be happier than you’ve ever been
  • Why so many of us pour ourselves into trying to find an identity through our careers, why that never works, and what actually DOES work instead
  • How to be content with life even when you don’t have a “title” or ton of career direction


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