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{free audio download} From crying in your office to landing a dream job

dream job

Being stuck, overwhelmed, confused, and in the midst of an existential crisis is bad enough.

But there’s a part of it that no one really talks about, which is how lonely it can feel.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a tribe of like-minded friends and colleagues who you can vent with on a regular basis and who constantly offer up understanding and support.

But that’s often the exception, not the rule.

And when you feel isolated and unable to express how you feel to the people around you, it becomes really hard to tap into any sort of inspiration and motivation.

If you can relate, we’ve got something to help you feel less alone …

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Like most Millennials, I grew up reading Harry Potter and hoping that when I turned 11, an owl would deliver my acceptance letter to Hogwarts and all of my dreams would come true.

Alas, that never happened. But it didn’t stop me from being the ultimate HP fangirl.

Once when I was 16, I cracked open a brand new notebook and stayed up late into the night reading online threads with theories about what might happen in the seventh and final installment of the series.

I feverishly scribbled all of my theories in that notebook, combined with other people’s ideas that I’d read online, until I had a pretty spectacular thesis.

And dorky as it …

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