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The one thing I’ve been dying to tell you about your passion & your career

your passion

Quick announcement: Once or twice a year we do a FREE online workshop. This coming Tuesday, January 31, we’re doing one about 3 ways to have an exciting, inspiring, fulfilling career … even if you don’t believe it exists. To attend live OR get the replay, register here. Now on to the blog!

Lately, I’ve been telling any new client I meet:

“I wish I could tell everyone how I REALLY feel about this whole ‘finding my passion’ and ‘career coaching’ thing.”

And then I realized … I have a blog. Maybe I could, you know, share my thoughts with people? Like I’ve been doing twice a month for years now?

But …

What to do when you’re stuck at a crossroads – Part 2


Before we jump into today’s blog, we’ve got two quick reminders for you:

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