Discover the 3 Steps to Take Your Career from Stuck to CLEAR Using Your Passion Profile
In this free, 90-minute, on-demand workshop, you’ll walk away knowing how to go from stuck and overwhelmed to clear and confident about your career, without having to do or change anything.

Even if you’ve done a ton of experimenting and explored all the wrong paths, it can be simpler and easier than you ever thought possible to find direction and move forward.
If you've been feeling stuck and overwhelmed by your career, then you must join this FREE, 90-minute, on-demand workshop designed for growth-minded professionals who are ready to use their Passion Profile to get clear about their career path and create a whole life that feels fulfilling.
(A replay of this workshop is available to those who register now.)
Are you feeling “off” and can’t figure out why?
You might be wondering, is it the job? Or could it be me?
You’re starting to wonder if it’s even possible to love what you do.
You’re burnt out and overwhelmed. You’re feeling the strong urge to make a change — quit your job, try something new, escape from the exhausting grind — but you’re afraid to move because you don’t know what’s right, and you’re scared to waste MORE time.
You’re thinking, “What if I make a big decision and end up in a worse place than before?”
You’re feeling anxious, like you’re behind in your life & career compared to everyone else.
You’re worried that everyone else knows something you don’t. You might have scoured the Internet for advice — podcast interviews, articles on job sites, random Google searches — hoping one will finally reveal what you’re supposed to do with your life. 
It’s totally understandable to crave clarity and direction — to know where you’re headed, without a shadow of a doubt.
Thankfully, you’ve found us!
We’re Kristen & Rachel, best friends and certified life & career coaches with over a decade of experience helping people in your shoes GET UNSTUCK, find your best career path, and learn what you truly want, so you can have a whole life that feels fulfilling.
So, please join us!
For this FREE, 90-minute, on-demand workshop, designed to help you discover the THREE STEPS necessary to go from where you are now — stuck and overwhelmed — to clear about your career path, using your Passion Profile! 
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