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3 shifts that change everything, without having to do anything

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Do you want to hear some really good news?

You’ve been lied to your whole life!

Wait, that sounds bad. Hold up. What we mean is:

One of the biggest, most prevalent misconceptions that nearly everyone believes to be true is that changing your life always requires action.

You want to get out of your current job? Guess you’d better send out more job applications in the evenings after ...

What to do when you don’t feel inspired


Every single one of us would like to feel more motivated in some area of life. (Personally, I could use more motivation in the exercise department!)

That’s why there are so many “life hack” articles out there with titles like 5 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated All Day Long!

But that’s not what’s I’m writing about here … not only because I don’t believe it’s necessary to stay motivated all day long (who are these super-human energizer bunnies anyway??), but because I believe that what most people are actually looking for is deeper than motivation.

I think what most of us are craving isn’t motivation … it’s inspiration.

Motivation (in my definition, at least) ...