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How you can get rid of the 40-hour workweek

40-hour workweek

Almost everyone I coach says the same thing:

“I don’t actually NEED 40+ hours to do my job most of the time. But that’s the way it is, so I have to be here, whether I have anything to do or not. It’s so frustrating!”

Can you relate?

Sometimes, maybe during a busy season, you legitimately do have 40 or more hours of work to get done each week. But work, just like everything else in life, tends to ebb and flow.

Which means that inevitably, even if you were busy for a period of time, you’re going to end up having plenty of days, weeks, or even months where things are less ...

Why you need to stop fighting your life and just go with it


I’m normally a pretty even-tempered, go-with-the-flow kind of person. I don’t lose my cool easily, and I’m not super Type A. I’ve been complimented many times in my life for being adaptable and easy-going.

But there are certain times when my normally dormant inner control freak roars to life and temporarily throws all of that right out of the window.

The magic formula for this is when I feel trapped in a situation that’s particularly miserable, with no idea of when it will be over or how to speed up the process.

The last several months at my corporate job — when ALL I wanted was to run my business full-time, but in the ...