Power Hours

A little coaching goes a long way

A Power Hour is a shot of clarity that comes with…

“I love your podcast, and I always suspected you two had magical powers, but this confirms it. I don’t know how you blasted through so much emotional gunk in an hour, but I’m beyond grateful. I feel so much lighter!”

Ava P.

A Power Hour is ideal for you if…

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  • After that, either Rachel or Kristen will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule your session and give you further instructions!
  • Keep in mind we have a limited amount of Power Hours available each month, so we may remove this offering from time to time as our availability fluctuates. In other words … don’t hesitate to sign up if you’re feeling the urge.

let’s get going!


“Thank you for that session! I had NO idea where it was going to go, and I’m blown away by how much was under the surface of this little thing I was procrastinating on. I’d literally been in avoidance mode for months. Thanks again for helping me get out of my own way so quickly! I’m excited to explore more coaching, because I can’t imagine how much could change after 6 months of this work with you!”

Sam J.


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