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How to get over your fear of failure


Over the years as a coach, I’ve heard hundreds of people’s deepest desires for their career and their life.

I’ve listened to stories of people not pursuing career changes, business ideas, cross-country moves, higher education, artistic pursuits, and so many other possibilities for years, sometimes decades of their lives.

Sometimes when I’m out at the grocery store, or at the gym, or out to dinner, I’ll look around and wonder, “How many of these people also have secret dreams and desires that they’re not acting on?”

I think it might break my heart to know the answer.

If you ask these people why they’re not going after something they deeply want, they’ll likely have quick ...

How to create more time in your day

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We’ve never liked those mugs that say, “You’ve got the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé {or Oprah}.”

We don’t know about you, but if either of us had the resources that those ladies do, then we wouldn’t be spending time doing anything we didn’t feel like doing — cooking, laundry, driving, managing our business. We’d outsource almost everything.

We all technically have the same hours in the day as everyone else, but sometimes other people can leverage time in ways we just can’t.

So how do the non-mega-millionaires like us create more time, when we can’t snap our fingers and have someone else do stuff for us?

We’re sharing the answer to ...