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Free Audio about How to Apply for Jobs You’re Not Qualified For


Have you ever had that experience of scrolling through jobs online — which can honestly feel a bit like sifting through a trash heap — and stumbling upon a gem amidst the junk?

Your eyes get wide as you’re reading through the description. You’re mentally checking off how good it all sounds: An actually decent salary! A cool work environment! Ability to work from home sometimes! Responsibilities that would actually stimulate my brain!

… and then, there at the bottom … “must have 10+ years of experience.”

Cue instant defeat and disappointment. 

Annnd back to the junk pile you go.


Last summer Kristen wrote about why you should apply for ...

Introducing … The Shit Sandwich

shit sandwich

I’m living a very different life than I thought I would be four or five years ago.

It’s easy, when you’re looking ahead to the future, to visualize only the golden, stellar, awesome parts. Obviously, right? I mean, who sits around visualizing the mundane and tedious and frustrating bits of their future?

I certainly didn’t. All I saw, four or five years ago, was a life of purpose and ease — days full of meaningful client sessions, bountiful green juices, leisurely yoga afternoons … basically your stereotypical cool-girl Instagram feed. <eye roll>

Flash forward to the present, and … I haven’t been to yoga in more than 6 months and I still don’t own a ...