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There’s nothing wrong with you for hating your job

wrong with you

Tell me if you can relate with, or have even found yourself saying things like:

“Why does working here feel so hard for me and so easy for the people around me?”

“If only I could be more like everyone else {loud, expressive, engaged, interested, enthusiastic, you name it}, then maybe I wouldn’t struggle so much.”

“What’s wrong with me for not being able to like this?”

“I feel so guilty for having to fake it, when no one else seems to be doing that.”

It’s breaking my heart to hear how many people feel so sad, isolated, lonely and out of place day in and day ...

How to get out of Analysis Paralysis

analysis paralysis

A client of mine is a teacher for elementary school kids. Every day, she gives her kids some free time in the afternoon to play games, be creative, and generally take a break from structured learning to have a little fun.

A few weeks ago, after she explained all of the different “stations” they could play at during free time (coloring, origami, music, games, building with blocks, etc.), most of the kids ran off to their favorite station. One little boy, though, stood paralyzed at the front of the room, tears welling in his eyes.

My client crouched down and asked him, “What’s wrong, sweetie? Why are you so upset?”

“I like all of these ...