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When you feel guilty for wanting more than you have

wanting more

When was the last time you had the thought, “I know I should be grateful for everything I have … so why do I still feel so unsatisfied?”

I’ve been hearing that question more and more over the past few years, especially since we’ve all been so inundated with information about the power of gratitude. Every personal-growth guru out there is preaching that the way to happiness is through gratitude for what you already have, and for good reason.

I’ve certainly kept my fair share of gratitude journals over the years, and I try (and mostly succeed) to focus more on what I’m thankful for than on what I wish would change.

Believe me, I’m ...

The danger of living a life that’s OK, but not great


The following is a trick question:

Would you rather feel miserable, or would you rather feel neutral?

I get it. No one really wakes up in the morning wanting to feel miserable. If you had your choice between feeling misery — you know, the existential angst and the “I can’t do this for one more day” kind of stuff — and feeling indifferent, we all know which one of those sensations sucks less. Feeling neutral about your circumstances may not be fun, but it’s not awful.

And honestly … that’s exactly the danger of feeling neutral.

Like it or not, misery is motivating. If you feel like crap, you’re more likely to have a fire ...