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Things you can look forward to when you’re not numb anymore


I once heard myself say something that, in hindsight, is sort of uncomfortable to admit:

“I can’t feel myself living anymore. I’m just existing, which doesn’t feel like anything.”

I’d gotten into a routine that most of you will recognize. It goes something like …

Wake up (at a time you don’t want to be waking up), get ready, take care of responsibilities (the dog, dishes, meal prep, etc.), grab something to eat on the go, drive to work, work for 9 hours (and everything that entails), commute home, prepare and eat dinner, clean up, watch a show, drink wine, go to bed too late, and start all over again tomorrow.

For the ...

Free audio interview: Where your career and passion meet


We’re taking a break from blogging this week so that we can relax a little after the whirlwind of the PPVE launch! But that doesn’t mean we’re coming to you empty handed today.

Rachel was interviewed last week for an episode of our dear friend (and fellow coach) Joanna Platt’s new podcast, Love Always, Jo.

This interview is packed with SO MUCH great advice. If you enjoy our free videos and workshops (the few times per year that they come around), you’ll get just as much out of this.

Rachel and Joanna talk about …

The 4 Passion Profiles — If you’ve taken the Passion Profile Quiz and would love to hear about all 4 of ...