Life and career coaching

for people who know what they don’t want, but have no idea what they’d rather be doing.

The Passion Profile Quiz

Discover how to create a life & career that’s fulfilling, energizing, and inspiring.

We live in a world where it's easy to exist and hard to feel alive.

You’ve probably done everything “right.” You’re a good friend and partner, a conscientious human. And … you probably feel guilty because you still feel lost, stuck, and confused. You “should” be happy with your life, but you just aren’t.

You don’t have to wander through the dark.
Our job is to light the fire that shows you the way.

here’s how we can help

1:1 Coaching

There comes a point where you’re ready to stop hoping things will change and start knowing that they’ll change. If you want individual attention, someone to hold you accountable, and the benefit of our substantial experience focused solely on you … this is it.

Passion Profile Short Course

Did you take the Passion Profile Quiz and love your result? Do you want to have a fulfilling career that fits with your Passion Profile? Good! Because that’s what this course is about. Whether you’re a Firestarter, Collaborator, Thriver, or Side Hustler, this course will give you a load of insight into how to mix career and passion in a way that feels great to you.

The podcast

Help yourself and get to know us by listening to the podcast! You’ll find hundreds of hours of two best friends (and certified life coaches) helping you cut through the information overload, get unstuck, and create a whole life that feels fulling. Start on any episode that catches your eye!

Mary H.
“When I signed up for coaching I was hoping for some clarity and direction, and I definitely got that. But what I wasn’t expecting was to feel so much calmer and less anxious on a daily basis.”
Olivia I.
“Life seems to be going in an uncannily positive direction. This is all thanks to a shift in my attitude and my new willingness to do uncomfortable things. And I honestly don’t think I’d be evolved enough to get here without your help.”
Tessa L.
“I feel so secure in my direction in life, and it feels SO GOOD! I don’t know how to thank you enough for helping me get to this point. I honestly wasn’t sure it was possible.”
Tia R.
“I just started my new job at a dream company! It has been night and day from my past experiences. They asked me to come in and take charge. I don’t have to ask for permission to implement what I want! I get to work remotely on global projects! You know what I was looking for—I got everything on my list.”
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