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Side Chat: What’s the point of pain?


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Last month during the side chat where we processed 2021, I shared that one of the big lessons I got hit with (and am very much still trying to learn) was about pain. Namely, that just because you’re in pain doesn’t mean that something is going wrong. 

The more Kristen and I mulled that one over, the more obvious it became that we needed to have a whole separate conversation about it to do the thing justice! 

So, in this month’s side chat we’re getting into…

When is pain necessary vs. ...

Taking a year-long sabbatical from work with Francine Mends


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Francine Mends’ life is unrecognizable from several years ago when she was feeling trapped and miserable in her highly specialized field of neuroradiology, with no escape in sight.

After a series of personal tragedies that emotionally shook her to her core, she decided to finally make some serious (and scary) changes in her life, including doing something she never imagined she could do: take a year-long sabbatical from work. 

Since then, she’s quit her job, lived internationally, worked as a digital nomad, and started her own business. 

Listen in to this replay interview with ...