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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again:

It’s really annoying when people say things to you like, “Just follow your passion and everything will be fine!”

*Eyeroll.* Yeah, thanks for the really helpful advice! I’ll get right on that.

The whole concept of “finding your passion” is heavy and loaded. People tend to treat “passion” like it’s this miraculous, mystical object — something that will solve all of your problems and grant all of your happiness — if only you could find it.

And honestly, that’s a lot of pressure. Not only on you, the person who’s supposed to do the finding, but also on your passion itself to provide so much fulfillment.

Do you know what happens when people feel that kind of pressure? We tend to shut down, go into avoidance mode, and stay rooted in our day-to-day grind. We get too overwhelmed to do anything.

If passion is that critical to your happiness and fulfillment … then it feels like you can’t mess up. You’ve got to get it right. Which spurs all sorts of fears:

Cue instant overwhelm.

At this point, it might not be better to shut down and avoid the whole issue … but it certainly feels easier than trying to answer those HUGE questions on your own.


This whole “helping people find their passion” thing? It’s what we do.

And we don’t just think — we know — that it doesn’t have to be as hard, confusing, and overwhelming as it feels.

We’re having a free live workshop (online, that is) on Tuesday, September 19th, at 1pm Eastern.

We’re going to demystify the whole “finding your passion” thing, and we want you to be there. We’re going to share:


Here’s why we want you to be there in real time:

If you know for certain you can’t be there live, that’s cool. Just RSVP, anyway. You will get a replay emailed to you … but you’ll only have 3 days to tune in before it’s gone.

We’re really looking forward to seeing who shows up. It’s always fun to hang out with you live, on video … it’s something we rarely do with this many people.

Breathe a sigh of relief, because this doesn’t have to be so hard. We’re excited to show you how.

RSVP here, and feel free to invite your friends and colleagues!

See you soon,

Rachel & Kristen


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