We should probably pre-qualify this week’s #ClarityGem by saying that we’re not advocating for you to say “yes” to just anything. {Like taking on more work for no extra pay, or planning your second cousin’s wedding shower, or a job offer that you’re thoroughly un-thrilled about.}

No, we mean the kind of “yes” you should give when you reallllllly want something, but don’t know how to make it work …

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say yes


How many times have you stopped yourself from saying “Yes!” to something that you really wanted to do because you haven’t figured out all the details yet?

Maybe it’s a 5-week trip to Europe, or starting a side business, or taking up blogging, or working with a coach (we hear that last one a lot, of course).

Most of us think we’re being smart when we say, “Let me figure out exactly how to make this work before I say yes.”

Except then, you spend weeks (or longer!) obsessing over the details. “How could I possibly get 5 weeks off work?” “How do you even figure out all the legalities of starting a business?” “I don’t know if my budget can handle this investment!” … and in the complete overwhelment that follows, we often shut down. Which means more often than not, the dream withers away.

There’s this great thing that happens when you say “yes” first … you end up needing to figure things out as they’re moving. The necessity of having to make it work, one way or another, means you rise to the occasion and get it done.

You have to. And so you do. And once you have, there’s little chance of regret. There’s only the pleasure and enjoyment that comes from having committed to something that excites you. The only chance of regret lives in saying “no,” and never getting to do it.

twitter-birdIf you reallllly want it, just say yes FIRST. Figure the rest out as you go. #ClarityGems

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