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You can probably relate to what it’s like
To have little, or even no, career direction:

Things just feel OFF, and you can’t figure out why.

You’ve started to wonder if you’ll ever really love working AT ALL,

(Or even … if there’s something wrong with YOU).

And you can’t make any big decisions because you don’t know what’s right.

You’re at an uncomfortable, overwhelming standstill

And you’re fully willing to move forward … you just don’t know which way to go.


It’s 100% possible to find direction.
We’ll show you how.

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If you’ve taken the Passion Profile Quiz and wanted more …

… then this is the “next level” you’ve been asking for.

The PPSC shows you how to use your Passion Profile (Firestarter, Tribe Member, Thriver, or Side Hustler) to find direction and have a career that feels good to you.


What you get access to:

Over 5 hours of audio/visual content: Listen in as Kristen and Rachel lead you through a step-by-step process detailing everything you need to know about using your Passion Profile to get clarity and direction.

A workbook with guided exercises: Every written exercise is designed to help you get very clear on how to make your Passion Profile work for you.

Email support: You’ll get a series of well-timed support in your inbox to help you think a little deeper and most importantly … keep moving forward.

Every Passion Profile PDF: You’ve seen your own Passion Profile result … now you’ll get to see the others.

The Forum: Connect with other people going through the PPSC and post questions that Kristen or Rachel will answer directly.

Forever Access: The content and your access to the Forum is available to you for the life of the course, as well as any new content when we make updates!

Future Discounts: You’ll get members-only rates on 1-on-1 coaching, as well as any current or future programs we release.

"When I started the PPSC, I hated my job. Even though I had a 'cool' job, it was a horrible fit for me, and no one had ever told me that it was OK for me not to like it! I made such HUGE progress that I found a new job within a few weeks at a great company. And it's SUCH a good fit for me!" - Lindsey W.

Results you can expect:

If you commit to the PPSC and fully complete all of the steps in the process, you can expect …

Confidence: That you’re headed in the right direction with your career.

Clarity: You’ll narrow down your career options from vague and overwhelming to refined and clear.

Concrete Skills: You’ll learn a 4-step process about how to find jobs based on your specific passions and values. (This has been hugely powerful for our clients!)

Relief: That it really is possible to make money and live a life you’re passionate about, once you discover the right balance for you.

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"I was immediately sucked in and have finally found excitement and motivation in me that I haven't felt in a long time." - Dana S.

Some BIG topics you’ll be lead through:

  • How to feel relieved by getting permission to have a career that feels good to you.
  • The story behind how we came up with Passion Profiles & why they’re so powerful.
  • A deep discussion about each Passion Profile, so that you’ll completely understand the ins and outs of all 4.
  • What to do if you have a “Secondary” Passion Profile and what happens when 2 Profiles overlap.
  • How to search for jobs, interview, write cover letters, and even network … all according to your Passion Profile.
  • How to know when it’s time to move on from your current job … or when it might be better to stick it out.
  • Countless personal and client examples that show how real people have used their Profiles to find career direction.
  • How to stop feeling like you’re working and start feeling like you’re living 24/7.

This is perfect for you if …

  • You really enjoyed the Passion Profile Quiz and felt like it “nailed” you.
  • You’ve been looking for a way to get un-stuck that doesn’t involve a lot of time, money, or complication.
  • When worrying about your career direction, you’ve ever thought, “I wish someone would just tell me what to do!”
  • You’ve been hoping for a simple answer to this whole “connecting my career and passion” thing.
  • You’re ready to stop feeling mired in confusion and start feeling clear.
“It was the most revealing, exciting, wonderful experience I have had since I can remember. I feel, for the first time, that it’s OK to be the way I am and want what I want … and now there’s a glimmer of hope that I will discover my ‘why’ … and that’s empowering.” – Jane

Price breakdown & what you get

$249 one payment
$129 two payments

you get forever access to...

  • Over 5 hours of audio/visual content
  • A workbook with guided, powerful exercises
  • A series of well-timed email support
  • All 4 passion profile quiz result pdfs
  • The forum, where you can connect, comment, and ask questions
  • Members-only discounts on existing and future courses and products

frequently asked questions

How do I access the content after purchasing?

All content is accessed through our online members' portal. You’ll be able to log in using your unique username and password directly after purchasing.

Is this course available all the time, or only at certain times of year?

All of the time!

Can I really finish it in 1 day?

Yes! We recommend treating this course like a daylong workshop: You stay immersed in it and come out the other side transformed. However, people have naturally different paces and learning styles, so you can do this course at ANY pace that works for you.

Does age or gender matter when doing this course?

Absolutely not! If you believe this course is a good fit for you after taking the Passion Profile Quiz and reading the above info, then your age or gender doesn’t matter at all.

Will I get to interact with other people?

Yep! When you purchase this course, you’ll be able to post comments and questions in the Forum, along with everyone else who’s going through the PPSC.

Will I get access to the experts (Kristen & Rachel)?

Yes. Kristen and Rachel will be supporting you and actively answering your questions in the Forum.

Can I buy this course for a group of people?

Yes! Please email us at to discuss group rates.

"The PPSC helped me realize that I wasn't alone! Before, I felt disconnected because I didn't know anyone else who felt like I did. It was eye-opening to understand that there were other people that felt unmotivated and confused. With the PPSC, I was able to confidently define what I wanted out of a job. A couple months later I landed a new job that I love and that has provided me with everything I asked for and then some!" - Christie L.

Who the heck are we?

Just in case you haven’t met us yet ... we’re Rachel East & Kristen Walker, two best friends, business partners, and certified life & career coaches.

Since 2012 we’ve coached hundreds of people out of unfulfilling jobs and into careers and lives they’re passionate about. We created the Passion Profile Quiz in 2014, which has been taken over 400,000 times since its launch, and our writing has been featured online at outlets like Time, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

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