If we could guess one thing about you, with near certainty, it would be that you’re pretty damn good at knowing (and talking about) what you don’t like and what you don’t want.

We know this because we’re good at it, too. Almost every human does this, or has done it. But the ones who are good at getting what they want know a secret, and it’s time you knew it, too …

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getting what you want


“But the problem is …” “The thing I hate is …” “That person sucks because …”

We get it. It’s easy to bemoan, complain about, and point out that which you don’t like and don’t want. It’s there, right in front of your face. And what you want isn’t, so what else are you supposed to talk about?

But this is so counter-productive, for one major reason: You can’t pour constant energy, attention, and focus into something and not expect to get MORE of it.

If you’re constantly harping on about what you lack, you’re only adding to the void. And the more you talk about what sucks, the more hopeless, exhausted, and trigger-happy you become. Which only keeps you more stuck and grumpy than you were yesterday. (And stuck, grumpy people don’t get much done, if you haven’t noticed.)

So instead, use this as an opportunity to pivot. Use what you don’t want as an opportunity to define what you do want.

“I’d love a job that pays me what I deserve …” “I’m excited to meet a partner who’s really there for me …” “I’m so eager to travel the world one day …”

Remember how we just said that you’ll always get more of what you pour your attention into? Mmhmm. That’s why you’ve got to pivot.

twitter-birdFocusing on the ABSENCE of what you want is a pretty bad strategy for actually GETTING IT. #ClarityGems

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