We all have life goals – whether you’ve created an uber-detailed, Type-A style 5-year plan, or you just have a vague mental picture of what your future will look like. We know you have things you want, things you’re working toward.

So, humor us for just a minute and open up a blank document or the notes app in your phone and quickly type out your top 2-3 life goals.

We’ll wait …

Got them? Perfect. Now, how many of them are experiences (like “travel to Rome”), tangible items or people (“buy a house” or “find my future spouse”), or some kind of “doing” action (“get a promotion” or “move to NYC”)?

Probably most of them, if not all.

Conversely, how many of them are feelings?

Probably none, right?

It makes sense that we naturally make goals based on the outcomes we want. In our achievement-focused society, we’re taught over and over again how to set measureable goals, hit pre-set milestones, and check things off lists. And these are great tools! But they’re not the best starting place. There’s a critical step that needs to come first.

Let’s start at the root of why you want these things in the first place. Why do you want the dream job, the spouse, the toned body, or the passport full of stamps?

The “why” needs to come before the goal-setting stage. And the “why” always leads back to feelings.

How do you want to feel in your dream job?

How do you feel when you imagine being in an amazing romantic relationship?

How will you feel when you’re making health a priority and taking care of your body?

What will it feel like to travel the world and explore new countries?

Setting goals that align with your “Core Desired Feelings” (as the brilliant and inspirational Danielle LaPorte calls them) sparks an inner fire that leads to sustained motivation and authentic action.

So give it a shot. Use your list of 2-3 life goals and rewrite them according to how you want to feel. Then, post your rewrites as a comment below. I’d love to read them!

Much Love,

Kristen & Rachel

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