Have you ever had a phase where all you wanted to do was just … nothing? Maybe all you want is to binge on Netflix shows for an uncomfortably long period of time.

But instead of enjoying it, you’re worried. “What if I’m doing too much of this?” or “Is this normal?” Whatever the habit you may have fallen into, we’ve got something to help you figure out whether it’s healthy … or not.

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We’re not sure why, but there’s a rampant pattern among people we coach (and other people too, we suspect) where it’s hard to do anything without questioning whether you’re doing it “right,” or “enough,” or “too much.”

We don’t always trust that we’re doing something for the right reason.

Enjoying a TV marathon becomes, “What if I’m being too lazy?” Having a glass of wine after work becomes, “Am I trying to escape from stress?” Following an intense new fitness regimen becomes, “Am I literally running away from my problems?”

And to be honest, these worries make a bit of sense. Because sometimes what we’re doing isn’t really good for us. Sometimes we are doing it for unhealthy reasons. So to determine whether it’s good for you or not …

Ask yourself, “Am I numbing? Or renewing?”

Maybe you’re watching a lot of Netflix because you don’t know what to do with your life and you can’t face the unknown … or maybe a couple of hours of Orange is the New Black energizes and uplifts you. Maybe your wine habit is to help you get to sleep because work leaves you stressed and wired … or maybe savoring a glass with a good meal just feels good. Maybe your workouts are to distract you from the imminent demise of a relationship … or maybe you’re just inspired by how strong you feel.

You can tell when you’re numbing because you’re actively trying not to think or feel. Renewal is totally different. You do what you do because it energizes and uplifts you.

twitter-birdWorried you’re doing too much of something? Ask yourself: Am I numbing? Or renewing? #ClarityGems

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