Climbing the ladder, then jumping off with Nussi Einhorn


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Nussi Einhorn hasn’t yet turned 27, but he’s achieved a lot in his relatively short life.

He started out as a young husband and father (to three small boys!), without a traditional university education, working at a job that paid him $13 an hour.

Through ingenuity, willpower, and a lot of confidence, he hustled his way into a cushy corporate job that paid him well and allowed him to comfortably support his young family.

But Nussi is a Firestarter — he has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and was incredibly restless and unfulfilled working for anyone other than himself. He started to wonder if it was possible, after working so hard to climb the ladder, if he could jump off.

In this month’s brand-new episode with a normal person, Rachel and Nussi talk about…

  • How he’s consistently managed to create opportunities for himself, where none used to exist.
  • The very real fear he had about leaving behind the security and stability he’d worked so hard to attain, and the risk that meant for his family.
  • The inner programming he had to overcome to believe he could make a dramatic pivot.
  • Why confidence is everything, and his take on what confidence really means.
  • His advice for anyone looking to find a new job or get hired for something they don’t feel qualified for.

You’re going to learn SO much from this one! Leave a comment below to share how Nussi’s wisdom resonated with you.


Nussi Einhorn runs his own UX Design agency in New Jersey. He worked his way up “the ladder,” starting with a $13-per-hour job! These days, he helps businesses redesign their apps and websites to be more user-friendly. Nussi is a true Firestarter!

You can connect with Nussi on LinkedIn to see his inspiring content.


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