Instead of a blog this week, we’ve got something extra special:

Not one, but two interviews about getting unstuck and finding your passion.

Our new friend Steph had us on her much-loved podcast Courage and Clarity. What we love about her show is that she divides each interview into two episodes so that you get the most bang for your buck.

The Courage episode is about our personal stories: How we went from being miserable in our 9-5 jobs to quitting and starting a business together, and all of the craziness (and lessons learned) along the way. We got very detailed and personal in this one!

The Clarity episode is chock full of actionable, practical advice: We talked about three steps you must take if you want to find your passion. (Seriously, the type of stuff we talked about in here is content we usually charge for!)

Steph’s listeners are chiming in with some great feedback over on Instagram, too!

@midlifetribe says, “One of the BEST pair of episodes yet.”

And @marieannawild shares, This episode seriously is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I am absolutely in the same spot that both Rachel and Kristen found themselves in and this whole time I thought I was broken! I have an incredible job, yet I still feel unfulfilled. Super excited to follow along on more episodes and to follow @clarityonfire during this crazy transition in life!! Thank you all so much for sharing your stories to help change others lives and perspectives!!”


Or, you can click below to listen to each episode directly on the Courage + Clarity site:

First, check out the Courage episode (#35), which is where we share our personal stories:


And then check out the Clarity episode (#36), where we share the 3 steps you must take if you want to find your passion:


After you’ve listened, leave a comment below to let us know what resonated with you from either the Courage or Clarity conversations, or both!

See you next Tuesday with a new blog! 🙂

Much Love,

Kristen & Rachel


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