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It’s week 3 of the Summer Freedom Series — one month of surprise bonuses meant to uplift, inspire, and make you feel free — which means we’re gifting you yet another FREE e-book!

This one is titled “Am I doing ‘life’ right? Wisdom, relief, and tough love for getting through difficult times.”

Here’s a sneak peek:

“Listen, neither of us are engineers, so don’t take this the wrong way, but … do you know what would have been way more useful to the average student than advanced calculus?

A Life 101 class.

We learn a lot of facts and theories in our adolescence, but rarely do any of us emerge into adulthood with a deeper understanding of how to actually do life well.

Both of us could have seriously benefitted from “Intro to Dealing with Difficult Emotions,” or “Basic Vulnerability with Other Humans,” and most certainly, “Advanced Placement Self-Compassion.”

Which is why when most new clients start working with us, that’s exactly where we have to start — with the basics of what it means to be a complicated human and how to work through the facets of that in a healthy way.

And there’s nothing that introduces us to our own humanity, and shows us just how much we have to learn, more than the difficult times in life.

What follows in this e-book collection is a series of six of Clarity on Fire’s most popular blog posts about making it through the challenging times that life has to offer.

Consider this your “Life 101” primer for dealing with some of the hardest aspects of being human — from shame and insecurity to feeling stuck and ‘behind’ everyone else — in a way that makes you more grounded and resilient, and ultimately … good at life.”

If you’ve been feeling alone in your struggles, and wondering if what you’re experiencing is normal, this is the book for you.

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Here’s what a couple of lovely readers had to say about the first two e-books:

“I have to send a huge thank you for the first 2 e-books that you released.  I finally no longer feel alone on my journey of who I am supposed to be and where I am supposed to work. You helped me see that there is a path that I can take, and it’s looking brighter and brighter each day.” –Emily P.

“Thank you for writing ‘What am I meant to do with my life?’ I have been following CoF for a while now, and it seems every blog or e-book that comes along, comes along at the perfect time for me!

The ‘hummingbird’ section in particular sat soooo well with me in regards to it being ‘OK’ to not have one end-all-be-all passion; rather I’m more of a renaissance woman!  So again, thank you for sharing. It made me smile with a huge sigh of relief :)” –Halle K.

If you missed either of the e-books we’ve already released, you can download them here:

What is the POINT? A jolt of hope and practical advice for anyone going through an existential crisis

What am I meant to do with my life? (Almost) everything we know about finding your passion and having a fulfilling career

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