Being stuck, overwhelmed, confused, and in the midst of an existential crisis is bad enough.

But there’s a part of it that no one really talks about, which is how lonely it can feel.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a tribe of like-minded friends and colleagues who you can vent with on a regular basis and who constantly offer up understanding and support.

But that’s often the exception, not the rule.

And when you feel isolated and unable to express how you feel to the people around you, it becomes really hard to tap into any sort of inspiration and motivation.

If you can relate, we’ve got something to help you feel less alone and way more understood:

The {free and downloadable!} story of how one person went from bored, confused, and completely unfulfilled to finding (and getting) her dream job.

This is one of the many client interviews and success stories that you get access to in the Dream Job Bundle, which is a totally free bonus you receive when you sign up for the Passion Plan Virtual Experience.

But we’re giving you this one, no strings attached, because whether or not the PPVE is right for you, everyone can do with a little inspiration!

In the audio you’ll hear Rachel talk with Caleigh about:

Listen right here on the page, or download by clicking the downward arrow in the top right corner:


The Dream Job Bundle is all of our best knowledge — packed into one place — about how to search, find, apply for, and actually get the job of your dreams:

dream job

We can do a lot for you in the PPVE — we can help you figure out your passion, get clear on your direction, understand and move past what’s been blocking you, and instill you with a newfound sense of confidence and ease.

One of the only things we can’t do for you is the legwork. We can’t look for jobs for you. We can’t email or network on your behalf. And we can’t submit your applications.

But we can make the most draining, tedious part of the process infinitely more manageable, which is what we’ve done with this Dream Job Bundle bonus.

We’ve helped hundreds of people find their passion and land jobs that make them excited to go to work every day … and all of that experience is wrapped up in this bundle.

If you’re ready to gain some much-needed certainty and clarity (and have a lot of fun along the way), then this bonus will be waiting for you in the PPVE!

You can sign up here, when you’re ready.

Keep in mind that enrollment ends on Wednesday, February 8th, and the program officially starts the next next. Don’t procrastinate too long, if you’re interested in joining us!

If you want more details, you can check out the PPVE page for full details.

We hope to see you in there!

Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel

P.S. If you’ve already signed up for the PPVE, you’ll be getting this bonus too! No need to do anything. 🙂 Keep in mind that this bonus will be released at the end of the program, after all of the regular PPVE content has been released.

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