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The Passion Profile Quiz

Discover how to create a life & career that’s fulfilling, energizing, and inspiring.

Five years ago, we were hardcore stuck.

It’s not that we didn’t have the desire to get out of the unfulfilling corporate grind — we had all the desire — but we didn’t have the energy.

Can you relate?

We remember, on particularly down days, coming home and frantically job searching. Maybe, if we found something halfway decent, we’d actually submit an application or two.

Fueled by sheer adrenaline, we’d make a scrambled attempt to find something better … and then we wouldn’t do anything for weeks, maybe even months.

And that pattern made sense! The energy drain from being stuck, unfulfilled, and miserable is huge. It’s only natural that most of the time, you’re too exhausted to figure out how to get yourself into a better situation … even if that’s all you want.

Our motivation in doing what we do — writing, coaching, creating courses — has always been to help other people through experiences that we understand all too well.

We give insight that we wish we’d had, back then, and we make things that we would have been so relieved to receive.


We’re always inspired to take what we know — which is constantly growing and evolving — and give you the most current, helpful stuff we can think of.

So when we were planning out this latest round of the Passion Plan Virtual Experience, we decided it would be really interesting if we created a bonus … something we’ve never done before.

And what if this bonus was something we wish we’d had? Something that would take away angst and confusion? Like maybe … everything you need, bundled in one place, to get your dream job?

We REALLY liked that idea, so that’s exactly what we did.

The Dream Job Bundle is a totally FREE bonus we’ve made for anyone who enrolls in this round of the PPVE (enrollment ends Wednesday, April 27th).

It’s all of our best knowledge — packed into one place — about how to search, find, apply for, and actually get your dream job. Here’s a preview of what’s in it:

The Dream Job Bundle

We’ve helped a LOT of people find their passion and land jobs that make them excited to go to work every day … and all of that experience is wrapped up in this bundle.

This is a HUGELY valuable thing. Honestly, this alone is worth the investment of the PPVE … and it’s only a free bonus!


We’re practical people, when it comes down to it.

Which means that in the PPVE, you get to focus on a lot of the emotional pieces that matter — like your fears, the beliefs that hold you back, the ways that you’re stuck that you can’t even see, and what your values really are — all of which are critical if you want to find your passion.

But all of that would be worth nothing if you couldn’t take that valuable insight and do something with it.

That’s why the PPVE is the best of both worlds: You get to finally discover what your passion is and what it means to you … and then you get to focus on taking action in a way that’s actually going to work. 

We spend a whole week on just that subject — taking action — and The Dream Job Bundle is just one more way that we’re going to help you do that.

And as a reminder, in a nutshell the PPVE is …

Get clear on all of the details — and join us, if you’re ready — here.

Once you do something like this, you can’t go backward in awareness. Knowing everything we focus on in the PPVE, and having the really helpful (and practical) advice in the Dream Job Bundle … you can’t un-know that.

Which means from here … you can only go forward. And that’s a big relief.

We hope to see you in there, if this feels right for you! (And keep in mind, enrollment is open through Wednesday the 27th).

And FYI: If you’ve already signed up for the PPVE (yay!), you’ll obviously be getting the Dream Job Bundle along with anyone who signs up between now and Wednesday. This bundle will be available for all of you at the end of the PPVE. The content of the bundle won’t make sense until you’ve been through all 4 weeks of the PPVE, first.

Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel


Curious about the PPVE, but have a few questions? Cool, because we made you a video that answers the top 7 questions people always have for us, including:

Top 7 PPVE Questions


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The Passion Profile Quiz

Discover how to create a life & career that’s fulfilling, energizing, and inspiring.

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