What is the point?

A jolt of hope and practical advice for anyone going through an existential crisis. Download book #1 of the Clarity on Fire e-book collection:

Some of you might recall that nearly a decade ago, before we’d ever heard of coaching or thought to start a business, the two of us wanted to write a book.

While we worked in lonely offices in different parts of Virginia, we stayed sane by emailing drafts of our book back and forth. For a while, that book (it was a self-help guide about dating and relationships for college-aged women) was our only plan:

Write a book. Find an agent. Publish book. Become famous and make lots of money.

It wasn’t a great plan, obviously. And eventually our enthusiasm died out, and we stopped working on it (neither of us can remember where that book even is … likely on some dusty, forgotten flash drive).

Eventually we got into coaching and started Clarity on Fire, where we’ve been publishing a new blog pretty much every week for 4 years now.

In that time, a lot of you have asked us when we were going to write a book or volunteered to be the first to read a book if we ever did decide to write one.

We were going to, but then…

We’ve both always liked the idea of writing a book, but the act of writing one felt like a HUGE undertaking.

We got to talking (yet again) about the possibility earlier this year, and Rachel said (in typical fashion):

“I feel like I’ve already said it all! We’ve spent the past 4 years sharing every single thought we have about finding your passion and living a fulfilling life. I don’t have a whole book’s worth of new stuff to say!”

Which is when we both realized … we’ve already written a book. We just needed to share it with you.

When you add up everything we’ve written, there are hundreds (upon hundreds) of pages of useful content for you (enough to fill a VERY long book) … but you’d have to search through years of archived blog posts to find it all, which isn’t easy or helpful.

So we’ve done the work for you, and we’re giving it away for FREE.

The Clarity on Fire E-Books Collection

Each e-book is a collection of 7-ish of our most popular, powerful blogs that revolve around a shared theme. When read as a series, you’re getting our most helpful answers to some of the biggest questions we consistently receive.

In fact, the title of each e-book is phrased as a question, for exactly that reason — to help you get clear on some of the ever-present, burning questions that everyone seems to have about their life and career.

E-Book #1 is called: What is the point? A jolt of hope and practical advice for anyone going through an existential crisis.

This e-book is going to resonate with you if…

  • You’ve ever thrown up your hands in dismay and asked, “What is the POINT?” when it comes to your career or life in general.
  • You find yourself stuck, overwhelmed, and questioning everything.
  • You’re tired of fluffed-up online “life hack” articles that promise sound advice, but lack the depth to actually address your issues.
  • You want to be both inspired and given some practical action steps, in one sitting.
  • You’re in the midst of any sort of existential crisis, identity crisis, or “questioning phase” and need proof that things get better.
  • You need a couple of friends to sit you down and give you our best advice — in a direct, honest, tough-love kind of way — about how to finally move forward.

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