What am I meant to do with my life?

(Almost) everything we knowabout finding your passion and having a fulfilling career.

Prepare yourselves, because we’re about to crack our knuckles and get down to business on the mother of all questions.

How do I find my passion?

This subject can be really, really ridiculously anxiety-inducing.

We’ve seemingly all come to the same bewildering conclusion:

That if you can find that one special thing that overjoys you — the thing that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and greet life with zest and gusto (two words better reserved for culinary endeavors, in our opinion) — then all of your problems will be magically solved and you’ll be energetic and fulfilled and inspired and passionate forever and ever, amen

Talk about pressure. No wonder so many of us are spinning our wheels! Moving forward seems really high-stakes.

But none of that is how passion actually works.

This e-book is a collection of seven of Clarity on Fire’s most popular blogs about finding your passion, and most importantly, living a whole life that feels fulfilling.

You’re about to find out exactly what passion is … and what it isn’t. You’re also going to find out (deep breaths) why passion isn’t as important as you might have assumed.

As always, we guide you through plenty of action steps you can take right now to move in the direction of your passion … because none of this means much if you can’t apply it to your life.

If you’ve been confused, frustrated, and going in circles when it comes to the whole “finding your passion” thing and want a couple of friends-who-are-also-experts to clear things up for you, this is definitely for you!

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