How to find your tribe and grow a network with Carolyn Birsky


Making friends in college was easy. How could you NOT, when you’re in a bubble with people your own age that you have so much in common with? But eventually that bubble bursts. We enter the “real world” and find that it’s HARD to make authentic, genuine connections as an adult. We live in a world that’s as connected as we’ve ever been, while simultaneously feeling as lonely and DISCONNECTED as we’ve ever felt.

Neither of us are great at making friends (introvert problems), so for our inaugural interview with an expert we brought on one of our favorite extroverts and certified coaches, Carolyn Birsky, to help us get to the root of how to find your tribe — be they friends, colleagues, or ANYONE we want to build a meaningful, fulfilling relationship with.

On this episode we talk about:

  • Why letting your guard down and being vulnerable is the prerequisite to finding your tribe
  • How to ask someone on a “friend date”
  • How to stay connected with friends when you start to drift apart
  • When to “break up” with a friend, and when to try harder
  • Where to go to find likeminded people and strategies for staying in touch once you’ve met a potential tribe member
  • How to navigate your way around the awkwardness of networking and small talk


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