I’m human (hey, it’s Rachel! But Kristen is also human, FYI), which means that daily disappointment is something I’m pretty familiar with.

Doesn’t matter if it’s the soul-stifling, deflated disappointment of not getting something huge that you wanted, or the casual let-down of someone cutting ahead of you in the checkout line … disappointment is a constant in life. So when I discovered something the other day that completely revolutionized my disappointment, I knew I had to share it with you.

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A few weeks ago I was in a bad mood. Something I had really wanted to happen was just refusing to happen. I was disappointed, for sure, but it went beyond that. I was even feeling kind of bleak … you know, when you start wondering things like, “Ugh, what’s the point? Maybe I’ll never be happy! Maybe I’m destined to never get anything that I want. Ever!” (Drama, drama, drama.)

Then, something perfectly timed happened. I tuned in to a recording of one of my favorite coaches and bestselling authors, Cheryl Richardson, and she stopped my melodrama dead in its tracks when she said:

“I once suffered this epic disappointment, and when I shared my story with a friend, what he said forever changed my thinking. He said, ‘Cheryl, the Universe must have something really, really big in store for you if it handed you such a huge disappointment.’”

It worked on Cheryl, and it certainly worked for me.

What if not getting what you wanted (or not getting what you want precisely when you want it) is actually a sign that what’s in store for you is much bigger and better than you could have imagined?

And if you think of it that way, then disappointment becomes almost impossible. It’s hard to feel let down when you’re thinking, “Ooh, this is going to be good! I can’t wait to see what’s coming!”

twitter-birdThe flip side of big disappointment is even bigger anticipation. Inspired by @coachoncall #ClarityGems

So, what disappointment are you excited about now? Let us know!


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Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel


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  1. As I was reading the blog post today, I was struck that I already do what you suggested. Unfortunately, my bigger and better has never come. How do you stay hopeful even as you are thrown disappointment after disappointment? I feel like I’ve been living this way for years: always thinking things will get better but never getting it.

  2. I am disappointed in having to move again, in less than 3 years! My husband died (after 14 months of marriage), and unfortunately or fortunately, my name wasn’t on the mortgage or deed (he never got to it). I was able to walk away from the house and allow it to go into foreclosure since I wasn’t an owner…but it meant I had to MOVE. Mind you he’s only been gone 6 months, and I had to get my head together enough to find a new place, pack and move in 6 months.

    That disappointment led me to my new home. I ended up moving into a loft that’s almost 1200 square feet, it’s downtown, and I can see the Arch from my window, 24/7 (I’m in St. Louis, MO). I am paying a pretty nice sum for it but I realized that *I* needed to be somewhere that was just mine. It’s almost week 3 and I am lighter inside and that makes any money I spend completely worth it.

    I can identify with this: “Cheryl, the Universe must have something really, really big in store for you if it handed you such a huge disappointment.’”

    Nothing is more disappointing than losing your spouse, especially early in a marriage, and trying to figure out who you are now.

    But now that I am more at peace emotionally, I know that disappointment was just God and the Universe opening a door to pursuing happiness.

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    Myra Biggers
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    1. Hi Myra,

      We’ll be re-opening enrollment for the Passion Plan Virtual Experience in just a couple of weeks, so it sounds like this could be perfect timing for you! If you haven’t yet joined our VIP list, I recommend signing up so that you get notified of the special early bird pricing we’ll be offering. Here’s the link where you can sign up for the VIP list: http://passionplan.clarityonfire.com/ppve

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