There’s nothing quite like having to practice what you preach. And when you’re a coach who sends out emails that are meant to be inspiring and make people think twice about life … you have very little leeway to be a hypocrite. You’ve got to actually implement what you tell people to do. Imagine that!

So, here’s what I (Rachel) have been learning the hard way. Maybe you won’t have to, if you take my word for it …







When I’m upset, frustrated, annoyed, feeling ‘blah,’ or just having one of those days, my mind defaults to the same handful of doubts every time.

Honestly, even when it’s not a bad day (maybe it’s just a boring one, or I have too much time on my hands), I can literally feel myself slipping into the same old tired doubts: “When will this thing work out?” “What if this other thing never happens?”

Here’s what I’ve noticed: Uncertainty takes up SO MUCH mental space.

You can easily spend all day doubting, fretting, worrying, analyzing, and nitpicking, if you want to. Feeling constantly unsure is a huge weight. It’s also a big responsibility … you feel obligated to keep worrying about things that feel important or else they might not work out (as if worrying could ever guarantee a good outcome!).

I’ve decided I don’t want to engage with uncertainty anymore. I’m choosing to believe in inevitability.

I’ve been thinking … “What if I was literally NOT ALLOWED to doubt this anymore?” “What if I had to believe that this was in the bag?” “What if, whenever this fear pops up, I remind myself that it’s already a done deal?”

What if you HAD to behave as if everything you doubt was actually a given?

Personally, this means I have focus again. My brain space isn’t taken up by repetitive worrying, which frees me up to actually have good ideas and create things. It’s such a relief to drop the responsibility of fretting. I don’t have to do that anymore … which means I can do anything else.

twitter-bird How would life change if you believed in INEVITABILITY more than UNCERTAINTY? #ClarityGems

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Much Love,

Rachel + Kristen

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  1. Dear Kristen and Rachel!

    Thank you so much for this email! It is exactly what I needed right now! Uncertainty had been my companion for the past 3 months and I am completely exhausted feeling worried and doubting every step! This tool is very useful! My mind needed to be tricked and owing to you, I will now think about inevitabilty! This makes my life so much more enjoyful! Cheers to you two! I will be looking forward to your next emails!!!

    Thank you so much again!!!

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