You know when you stumble across something that rings a little too uncomfortably true?

The first time I saw this quote, I think I winced:

living your passion

Not to be melodramatic, but it’s kind of like when you think too hard about the Universe, and get totally overwhelmed by the sheer scale of it. Instant head-buried-in-sand moment.

Thinking about the inevitability of time passing, I feel the same kind of mind-boggling anxiety. I’ll bet you’ve probably felt it, too.


You could totally be thinking, “Why are you trying to simultaneously depress me and make me anxious?”

It’s not intentional, I promise. Every once in a while, though, I think it’s good (and necessary) to get very real about life.

This is one of those times.

Because the fact is, every minute you spend not taking action, not making a decision, not feeling happy, and not living a life you’re passionate about … has already passed you by. You don’t get a do-over.

And the time is going to keep passing you by, regardless of what you’re doing.

When you think of it like that … what’s the point in saying, “I’ll do that tomorrow?”

This is your life. So far as we’re sure, it’s your only life. It’s getting lived, whether or not you’re enjoying the actual living. So for the love of the Universe and everything in it … don’t delay taking action if it’s going to lead you somewhere happier, freer, and more passionate than you are today.


It would be easy to take action if everyone knew what action to take. Most people are stopped short, and being somewhat forced to waste their time, because they don’t have a clear idea of where they’re going or what they want in the first place.

And when they get stuck in that position, they typically try to think their way out of it.

If there’s any “big point” to what I’m sharing, it’s this: Action is the only thing that can truly get you un-stuck, and be worth your time in the process.

Maybe it’s the teensiest, tiniest step you could imagine. It’s better than over-thinking it, obsessing about it, and wasting your valuable time being stuck.

You’re going to learn far more from the doing than the thinking.

Maybe you won’t take the exact right step. But you’ll probably learn something from the experience. And that, after all, is what life (and time) is all about – the experience.

Much Love,

Rachel + Kristen

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