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Two years ago, we almost didn’t enroll in Marie Forleo’s B-School (an online business school for women entrepreneurs).

Our rationale was completely sane:

It was $2,000 and we didn’t have that kind of money (or like, any money) lying around.

Case closed. Or so we thought, until Rachel made a really great argument:

“Instead of saying, ‘We’ll learn more about business after our business is already successful,’ what if we invested in actually making our business successful so that we could, you know, start making money now?”

Not investing in ourselves was VERY logical and rational. No one could fault us for not wanting to spend money that we didn’t have.

But that logic didn’t actually make sense.  

What did made sense was for us to take a well-educated risk: We put the course on our business credit card and treated it like a small loan to ourselves.

That was a MAJORLY good decision because we actually learned how to run a business, and we started making money SO much faster than we would have if we’d kept putzing along. B-School also sparked the idea for the Passion Profile Quiz, which is one of the biggest reasons people come to us now.

This is how big decisions always work, by the way.

The logical choice is not always the one that makes the most sense. More often than not, the one that feels right — even if it flies in the face of logic — is the one that actually makes the most sense.

twitter-bird What’s *rational* and what *makes sense* don’t have to be the same thing. #ClarityGems

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  1. Hi, great post, was looking to start my own business and having hard time to get motivated, figuring out my ideas, doing a business plan and fee apprehensive about it all. Someone suggested taking a worshop on how to start a business. I looked at this course and it looks like good, but it’s $2000 and not sure if it will work.What did you think about the course?

    1. Hey Jocelyn!

      Glad you liked this post. B-School is definitely an investment, but it was absolutely worth it for us, and it really helped propel our business forward in a huge way. It gives you all of the foundational info you need to create, build, promote, and sustain a successful business, whether it’s an online or local business. I recommend it to all of the new or aspiring business owners that I know!

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