We’re sure you’re good at logic, because as far as we’ve seen, being logical is highly valued across the board in most cultures.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with being logical, but like anything in life, it can get twisted and unhelpful when we take it to extremes. That “extreme” being when we completely ignore our emotions in favor of being “logical” and “rational.” We care about this so much that we had to make it this week’s #ClarityGem …

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The problem with relying solely on logic is that it ignores one half of the entire human experience … having feelings and desires. If you operate in life using nothing but logic, you’ll probably feel like a confused, particularly numbed-out robot.

The thing that scares most of us about doing what feels good is that it can often completely contradict what “logical sense” would tell you is right … “It doesn’t make any sense to quit my job before I’ve been there 2 years!” … “It doesn’t make any sense to use a portion of my hard-earned savings to hire a personal trainer!” … “It doesn’t make any sense for me to go to art school!”

Guess what? It doesn’t have to make sense. And that’s completely OK.

Maybe quitting your job early will open up space for you to pursue your dream job. Maybe using your savings to hire a trainer will ignite a passion for health you’ve never known was possible. Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life at art school and become a renowned photographer to boot.

Feelings are the language of your intuition, not your logical brain. And your intuition? It rarely steers you wrong.

twitter-birdDoing what feels good doesn’t have to make logical sense. #ClarityGems

It’ll take courage to do what feels good, especially when it goes against the popular current of logic. Can you take a deep breath and trust your intuition to steer you, anyway?


Sometimes it’s just better to avoid long blog posts and cut straight to the point!

Think of #ClarityGems as your weekly shake of the good ‘ole Magic 8 Ball … you never know what might bubble up and how it might be exactly what you need to hear today.

And instead of just a beautiful, inspirational, and shareable image (which is a nice start), we’re giving you some quick thoughts about how to interpret it … because inspiration without action is pretty, but kind of anti-climatic.

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Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel

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