Ever daydreamed about grabbing your stuff, walking out the door of your office building in the middle of the day, and never coming back?

If you have to sit in that grey cubicle one more day, hear one more of your boss’ complaints, or send one more mundane email, you’ll probably explode.

You’re less alone than you might think. At least half of the people Rachel and I talk to on a weekly basis dream of quitting their boring / miserable / stressful / unfulfilling job.

I even had a client tell me once, in an I-can’t-believe-I’m-telling-you-this undertone, that some mornings in the shower she would think to herself, “If I slipped in here and broke my leg, I wonder how much time I could get off work…”

For most of us, our first response to hearing that a friend quit her job is, “Wow, congrats!” or “Man, I wish I could do that.”

Trust me, I get how badly you want out.

I had my own Cubicle Panic Attack when I was in the corporate world, and I almost quit on the spot. Thankfully I had awesome friends and a great coach who talked me off the ledge, at least until I’d come up with a solid exit plan.

I see far too many people quitting their jobs simply out of desperation and a need to escape. And it feels really good for a little while — finally, you can taste the freedom!

Unfortunately, though, the freedom is usually short-lived.

Most people will then take the next job that comes along, thinking that it’s got to be better than where they were.

It turns into a completely reactive cycle of jumping from one unfulfilling job to the next. Sure, you might feel slightly less miserable each time you move … but, come on, you want something much better than “less miserable.”

You want to find something that you can actually get excited about and enjoy. And that will probably require you to proactively invest some time, money, and energy into figuring out your passion and getting some direction before you take the leap and quit your job.

{We’re taking a group of Millennials on that exact journey, starting this weekend, as part of our Passion Plan Virtual Experience — check it out if you want to join us.}

So how are you supposed to deal with your current job while you’re clarifying and getting intentional about what you want next?

Now I want to hear from you. Have you considering slipping out the back door at work and never coming back? Which of these strategies are you willing to try?

Much Love,

Kristen (+ Rachel)

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