If you’re not a sociopath (and we’ll just assume you’re not), you feel a certain degree of sympathy for people. You might get frustrated or feel guilty when someone’s in pain or hurtling themselves down the wrong path and you can’t help them.

This is for you if you’ve ever felt the desire to help “fix” people in your life …






Have you ever felt personally affronted when someone won’t change, or is perpetually un-helpable, or seems to be incapable of progress, even when you know how to help them … if only they’d listen?

It’s maddening when you can clearly see the ways in which someone is hurting themselves or harming their prospects, but you can’t make them see it.

The anger and the guilt often gets turned inward … “What’s wrong with me that I can’t help this person?” “Am I not a good enough friend/daughter/spouse/parent?” “Would this be different if only I were somehow different?”

We mean this in the nicest way, but … their progress in life is not about you.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for 20 years, raised them from infancy, or love them to pieces. Their progress is not a reflection of you, nor is it your responsibility to “fix.”

Because their freewill is always going to trump your influence. Always.

Words don’t teach the way life experience does. You can tell someone something 10,000 times, and only until they experience it themselves will they maybe be ready to hear what you’ve been saying all along.

And if they’re never ready to hear you? That’s OK. They’re on their own path, with their own lessons to learn, in their own time. And that timing … it’s not your job to control. And it’s not your job to feel bad about yourself, when it was never about you to begin with.

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