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screwed up


The first coaching program we ever launched completely tanked.

A few months before, we’d both quit our jobs … presuming that as soon as we could invest all of our time into Clarity on Fire, things would naturally take off.

We needed about 20 people to enroll in the program to meet our financial needs, and we HUSTLED from every angle to make that happen.

And then 1 person signed up.

That’s it. Just one. It was a catastrophic failure in every way — financially, emotionally, existentially. We started questioning our purpose and our abilities.

But a month later — directly because of this failure — we came up with the idea for the Passion Profile Quiz, which became the cornerstone of what we do and has introduced hundreds of thousands of people to Clarity on Fire.

What if we’d taken that first failure personally? What if we’d made that screw up mean something about who we are and what we’re capable of?

Everybody screws up. We all fail. And we can guarantee that the ways in which you’ve failed aren’t new or original to the human experience. They’re probably just as generic as everyone else’s failures.

Which is to say, your failures aren’t special, and you don’t have to treat them accordingly. You’re not damaged or irrevocably flawed. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing. You just screwed up, like we all do. And you can keep going.

twitter-bird Relax. All the ways in which you’re screwing up aren’t that original. — @realrobbell #ClarityGems

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