How long have you been growing frustrated by the fact that you can’t just figure out the dilemma you’re in?

Maybe you’ve been trying to answer the all-consuming “What’s my passion?” question, or maybe you’ve been debating whether or not to end a relationship, go back to grad school, or move across the country. Either way … is trying to figure it out getting easier, or harder? We think we know the answer already …






You’ve got quite the super computer between your ears.

Have you noticed how good it is at thinking, analyzing, and solving concrete problems?

It knows how to drive your car without you having to fret. It knows how to do complicated math problems (some of us more complicated than others!). It can remember lyrics to thousands of songs from every decade of your life. It’s a powerful mechanism, isn’t it?

So it’s safe to say … if your brain hasn’t already given you an answer to whatever you’re trying to figure out … it probably can’t.

Marie Forleo (mega-successful online entrepreneur and business guru) is fond of saying, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.”

There comes a point at which thought cannot be a substitute for action. You’ve got to try something new. Say yes before you think you’re ready. Experiment without any proof that it’s going to work out. 

Which means you often won’t know whether or not something is right until you do it.

Could you take action and discover it was the wrong step? Sure! But you’ll be clear that it was wrong … which means you’ll be that much closer to knowing what’s right. And we bet that’s further along than you are right now.

twitter-bird If you could think yourself out of this, you would have already. #ClarityGems

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Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel

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  1. This is spot on. But ending a relationship is pretty final and not something, you’d want to take a gamble with? :/

    1. Hey Louise! I know that it sounds risky to end a relationship when you’re not totally sure whether you should. But in my experience, if you’ve been having a lot of doubt about a relationship and trying to figure out whether you should stay or go … it’s not the right relationship for you, in the first place. If it was the right thing for you to be doing, you probably wouldn’t be having doubt about it. Which means it’s probably quite safe to let it go! And hey, if it turns out that the relationship IS right, I’ve always trusted that people will come back together when the time is right. I’m of the belief that you can’t screw up something that’s meant to be.

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