{Make sure you read through to the end for a BIG announcement from us. But first, we’re building up to that with some stories. 🙂 }

You might have heard her talk about it before, but Kristen used to have an almost-perfect job. The kind of job many of you would sweat blood to get.

It was full of young, passionate people all working in small teams toward a common goal. The leadership genuinely cared about their people. There were regular happy hours and team bonding events. You could wear jeans every day. You left early on Fridays. There were company concierges who would pick up your dry cleaning and take your car to get its oil changed, all while you were working.

And she was miserable.

Or take one of Rachel’s clients, Shelly, who is a talented professional photographer who quit her day job to run her own studio. All of her time gets to be spent working for herself, which is what she dreamed of for a really long time … and she hates it.

Or one of Kristen’s clients, Serena, who was making boatloads of money in the financial industry, after studying and working and hustling her whole life to get there. She had everything she could have wanted at her disposal … and was having panic attacks regularly.


Your fulfillment in your career (and life, in general) is just as much dependent on what you’re doing as how you’re doing it.

Because you can have the “what” that you want … the perfect team-oriented job, or the professional photography studio, or the exact career in finance that you always imagined … and if you’re not living out your career in a way that works for you then the “what” won’t matter.

It’s allllllll about the “how,” people. The “how” must come first.

You might be a rebel-hearted, freedom-loving, craver of autonomy (hello, Firestarters!) … who’s constantly pursuing secure and stable work environments and can’t figure out why nothing is clicking.

You might be the kind of person who gets jazzed by the notion of collaboration and structure and a passionate team (what’s up, Tribe Members?) … who’s sitting in an office all alone, wondering why you don’t love your job.

If you value one set of things (like freedom and flexibility), and are trying to have a career in a way that’s totally misaligned with those big values … then your “how” is off. And it won’t get back on track until you acknowledge what will work for you.

This is why we created the whole concept of Passion Profiles … your Passion Profile is your “how.” And aligning your career with your Profile gives you direction that will work for you.


Your response to our quiz has been overwhelming, in a good way. The reams of positive feedback we’ve gotten convinced us that the concept of Passion Profiles was way more than the “fun thing” we originally intended it to be.

We honestly didn’t realize it was going to become a trademark-able, foundational, core-principle-type thing that people could launch their career trajectory from. But, well … as it turns out, it is that kind of thing.

We’ve spent the last few months diving deep into the 4 Passion Profiles and figuring out the intricacies of how each of them work. (If you’re going to create something, you’ve got to become an absolute expert at it, right?)

We’ve coached a lot of people around their Profile, and we don’t speak lightly when we say that learning how they want their passion to be expressed has changed people’s lives:

Shelly (the professional photographer) realized she’s a Thriver who’s been trying to make money from her art … and it was ruining her creativity (a super-common Thriver problem).

Serena (the finance guru) is a Tribe Member who’s quitting her 80-hour-a-week job in NYC and moving halfway around the world to be with her family.

Lindsey (a book editor) couldn’t figure out why she was constantly dissatisfied by a career that she was “supposed” to love. Turns out, she’s a Side Hustler whose world has been rocked by giving herself permission to pursue two totally different careers at the same time.


We’ve been asked over and over again when we’re going to give people more information about how to use their Passion Profile to find career direction.

Well, we finally have an answer for you:

PPSC Home page image

The Passion Profile Short Course is coming in mid-March.

It’s hard for us to name a “best thing” about this course, but we think one of the best things (plural) is that we’ve condensed it into something you can do from beginning to end in as little as one day.

It’s also simple, practical, and actionable. Oh, and affordable (it’ll be more affordable, even, than our other course, the Passion Plan Virtual Experience).

Oh! And one more great thing … there’s going to be no enrollment necessary. You just buy it when you want to, and do it when you want to.

As we get a little closer to mid-March, we’ll share more details with you. But for now, if you want to be the first to know when it launches, and if you’d like to receive a $50 discount code when we get closer to launch day … join the VIP list by clicking the image above.

Trust us when we say that once you’ve figured out the “how,” everything else is so much easier.

So, have you taken the Passion Profile Quiz? Are you jazzed about the chance to dive in to this more? Let us know, in the comments!

Much Love,

Rachel + Kristen

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  1. This is awesome! I already made a major industry switch from a very demanding career to an “employee focused” type company with consistent hours and less stress, so the full blown coaching or virtual plan seemed over kill for getting me to the next step from here. I took the passion profile quiz, and was not surprised at all by my results (Thriver). However, I’m still not feeling naturally motivated in my current role. I’m in the right atmosphere, but the specifics still don’t “click”. Looking forward to something that can help fine tune my trajectory! Also… Go Hokies! 🙂

    1. Congrats on your major career shift, Stefanie! Sounds like you made a big change in the right direction, yet something still feels a bit “off.” Hopefully the Passion Profile Short Course will show up just at the perfect time to help you fine-tune your situation.

      (Oh, and we LOVE meeting other Hokies! 🙂 )

  2. This is great! I would love to do the whole virtual coaching plan, but my financial situation won’t allow me to. This is a good way for me to ” get my feet wet” without putting myself in a bind. Can’t wait!

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