It’s fall! The leaves are a-changin’ (well, they are in Virginia, anyway), and everyone everywhere is consuming pumpkin-spice-anything. The lovely stock photo girl in this week’s Clarity Gem is everything aspirational-but-unrealistic that we love about fall. That is, unless you actually do sit outside, sipping hot drinks, wrapped in plaid? I mean, we can dare to dream.

Oh, and the message today is decidedly timeless, and has nothing to do with fall … we just like it a lot. 🙂



This week, we want you to know:

other people

Apply it to your own life:

Do you realize how often people allow other people’s opinions to define what they do or don’t do in life? (Hint … all the time).

There’s nothing wrong with listening to other people’s advice, guidance, and wisdom. But when it comes time to make a critical decision in your life, the decision (and whatever experience comes next) needs to be yours not theirs.

twitter-bird-1-380x285 Other people’s opinions aren’t a substitute for your own experience. Take your own action. #ClarityGems

Tell us how you took action:

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And if you don’t know what #ClarityGems are all about:

Sometimes it’s just better to avoid long blog posts and cut straight to the point!

Think of Clarity Gems as your weekly shake of the good ‘ole Magic 8 Ball … you never know what might bubble up, and how it might be exactly what you need to hear today.

And in addition to a beautiful, inspirational, and shareable image (which is a nice start), we’re giving you some quick thoughts about how to apply it to your life … because inspiration without action is pretty, but kind of anti-climatic.

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Much Love,

Kristen + Rachel

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