You can group any area of your life into one of the following categories: things you love, things you hate, or things that you tolerate. The latter may seem like the balanced, middle ground here, but we believe it’s actually the most dangerous to your overall happiness.

Think about it – if you love spending time with friends, making art, cooking, or having a solo dance party in your apartment, you’re going to do more of those things because they simply make you feel good.

Similarly, if you hate everything about your job and dread walking into the office every morning, you’re going to feel compelled to take action and make a change.

And then there’s toleration. Maybe your job is “fine” or your relationship is “pretty good.” When things are “okay,” there’s not much incentive for change because your life is good enough, so why risk shaking things up? But in the space of toleration, there’s no passion, no inspiration, no excitement. Toleration breeds mediocrity and normalcy.

While there’s nothing wrong with living a normal life, we’re pretty sure you’re craving more than that for yourself. So here’s the good news: Normal isn’t (and doesn’t have to be) necessary – it’s just…normal. You don’t have to accept what “is” if you don’t want to. Sure, change can be scary – what if you leave your “meh” job and the next one is legitimately miserable? When things are okay, there’s the possibility that they could get worse.

But when you let fear prevent you from taking action, you rob yourself of the opportunity to feel passionate, engaged, and fulfilled on a deep level.

What are you tolerating in your life? And what is that toleration costing you?

Much Love,

Kristen & Rachel

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