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Humans are a lot like computers.

If you programmed a formula into a computer, and then put the same numbers into the formula every time, your results would never err. You’d get the same predictable, expected, standard results every time.

You’re no different.

You’ve got something in your life that’s frustratingly unchangeable. Your inability to save up enough money. Your draining relationship with your toxic boss. Your round-and-round dilemma about whether to quit your job or stick it out a little longer. Your pattern of dating men who turn out to be duds. Doesn’t matter what it is, exactly. But it’s tiresome and maddeningly, soul-drainingly repetitive.

You’ll get fed up and say something like, “Why can’t I ever find any good guys!?” or “Why does all of my money seem to  disappear so quickly every month?”

Then, you’ll swear up and down it’s going to change: “I’m done with dating for at least six months!” or “I’m not going to buy anything for myself this month, period.” Which is all well and good, until you can’t stick to it. Until, like every time this has happened to you before (more than you’d probably care to admit), you slip back into the same patterns, and get the same results as ever. Cue deepening frustration, dragging motivation, and mounting panic.

And that’s what will keep happening, over and over, if you keep trying to manipulate your output to get what you want.

The dud dates, the dwindling savings account, the crap relationship with your boss … they’re external results born from a glitchy formula. Your glitchy formula. And deciding to change the results without examining the formula? It’s not going to change the pattern, and it’s not going to get you what you want.

If, on the other hand, you examined the human version of the “input” formula — your thoughts, feelings, perspectives, intentions, past experiences, and default tendencies — and figured out what wasn’t working for you … can you imagine what might happen?

We’ll tell you: Your output would change, almost instantly, and without much effort.

Because when you change a formula that’s clearly got some unwanted kinks, you naturally allow your results to change. No more forcing it, no white-knuckling it until you can’t hold on anymore … just organic, graceful change that will allow you to breathe and finally, finally break free of whatever’s keeping you stuck.

You change your formula by changing your thoughts and beliefs, and you change your thoughts and beliefs by finding a way to grow your self-awareness. That’s the whole point of life coaching, as well as a lot of other modalities: therapy, yoga, nutritional therapy, past life regression, EFT tapping, sound healing, etc. If your goal is to change your formula, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from.

If you think you can do it on your own, go forth and  change. But honestly, that’s not the norm. If we could change our patterns ourselves, we wouldn’t be stuck in the first place. So make the decision to choose whatever it is that’s going to jolt your self-awareness to life and autocorrect your input. Then watch as your output starts to transform in front of you … just like that.

Much love,

Rachel & Kristen

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