The holiday season can be an emotional and energetic rollercoaster. On the one hand there’s time to relax with family, fun events to look forward to, and a general feeling of love and generosity.

And then come all the energy drains that feel unavoidable this time of year:

All of these energy drains are normal around the holidays, but they can leave you feeling less than motivated at an especially hectic time of year. And when your motivation is low, that’s when stress and negative self-talk tend to swoop in without invitation. For some people, this shows up as extreme procrastination and resistance. For others, their inner “gremlin” or inner critic goes crazy and starts chattering away: “What do you mean you don’t feel like doing anything but watching Netflix? You’re so lazy. Just suck it up and do what you need to do.” Some people’s immune systems become compromised and they get run down and sick.

So how can you stay healthy and happy and peaceful this holiday season? Here are our suggestions:

This year, decide to stop buzzing through the holiday season in a blur of busyness. Be present with friends and family. Decide what’s really important and forget the rest. Choose to be the sane, calm pillar in the midst of the holiday chaos. Say “yes” when it feels good and “no, thanks” when you’re not feelin’ it. And go ahead, watch some Netflix. ‘Tis the season.

Much Love,

Kristen & Rachel

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