Welcome to Clarity on Fire, a podcast for people who know what they DON’T want out of their life and career, but aren’t sure what they’d RATHER be doing.

In this inaugural episode you’ll meet us, Kristen and Rachel (two best friends from college and certified life coaches), and get a taste of what we’re here to do. Namely, help you cut through the information overload, get unstuck, and focus not JUST on how you can have a career you’re passionate about, but how to create a whole LIFE that feels fulfilling.

New episodes will drop twice a week. On Tuesdays you’ll get quick 7-10 minute audio editions of our weekly blog, and on Fridays you’ll get a rotating array of interviews with experts, fireside chats with the two of us, interviews with normal people (because the wisdom of 95% of humanity is way underrated), and a listener advice column called Dear Krachel (don’t you have a celebrity couple nickname with your BFF? No? Just us?).

In a world where it’s easy to exist but hard to feel alive, we want you to experience the relief of knowing that YES, you’re allowed to want more out of your life and career. And NO, you don’t have to wander through the dark anymore. Our job is to light the fire that shows you the way.


If you enjoy any of our current episodes and decide to subscribe, rate, and review before Tuesday, April 24, then we’d love to invite you to a FREE online workshop and Q&A session we’re doing about Passion Profiles on Friday, April 27 at 1pm Eastern.

To get access, take a screenshot of your review and email it to us at [email protected]. We’ll send you a link to register for the workshop! There WILL be a replay for those of you who register but can’t make it live.


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