Women didn’t have the right to vote in America until 1920. We couldn’t apply for a credit card on our own, without the permission of a father or husband, until 1974. And in 2018, we’re STILL waiting for a guarantee of equal pay. We’ve come a long way, but there’s a lot further to go.

When women entered the workforce en masse in the first half of the 20th century, the system had already been built in a way that suits people who are masculine — but not necessarily people who are wired in a feminine way. And having to fit into that system is taking a HUGE toll on us. It’s a quiet way that we’re still struggling for equality, and it’s about time we started talking about it.

On this episode we talk about:


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  1. Ladies, loved this podcast. Lots of ‘aha’ moments, especially around the feminine and masculine energy traits. Thanks! Marian

  2. This episode truly blew my mind! I’m going to be sharing it with a lot of people in my life. I have an entirely new perspective about masculine and feminine energy and I can’t wait for your follow ups on this topic!

    1. Hi Alyx! I am SO glad to hear that this has shifted your perspective. Definitely stay tuned for more on this! It’s something we’ll be weaving in to a LOT of future conversations. 🙂

  3. Slowly getting through my backlog of podcasts and listened to this one this morning. Blew my mind! This one’s a repeat listener – so many good nuggets. My company has the workload expectation of minimum 45 hours a week, regardless of your current client schedule. That always bothers me because I often feel like I’m forced to come up with work that isn’t really there just to hit my chargeable hour goal. Long term I’d love to be in a job where I can flex my schedule hours-wise like you guys are able to!

    1. Glad you loved this one, Kate! Rachel and I are SO passionate about this topic, so we’ll definitely be sharing more about this in the future.

      It’s frustrating to hear that so many companies are still holding tight to the overly rigid working structure, but I really believe that we’re slowly shifting to a more fluid, feminine way of working (or at least a more balanced approach). So your dream of a flex working schedule is totally possible!

      Thanks for listening. 🙂

  4. Love your dynamic—how you build off of one another and how authentic you both are! Have to say I think I’m more on the masculine side of the energy spectrum, but am all woman nonethelesss :). Looking forward to your podcast on how this all plays out in relationships.

    1. Thanks Lauren! 🙂 That makes sense — we all have both masculine AND feminine energy in us, and it’s all on a spectrum. It’s all about finding your own balance and working with that! I love that you’re enjoying the podcast!

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