Like most Millennials, I grew up reading Harry Potter and hoping that when I turned 11, an owl would deliver my acceptance letter to Hogwarts and all of my dreams would come true.

Alas, that never happened. But it didn’t stop me from being the ultimate HP fangirl.

Once when I was 16, I cracked open a brand new notebook and stayed up late into the night reading online threads with theories about what might happen in the seventh and final installment of the series.

I feverishly scribbled all of my theories in that notebook, combined with other people’s ideas that I’d read online, until I had a pretty spectacular thesis.

And dorky as it sounds, I remember thinking, “I wish I could do something with my life that makes me feel as excited and alive and passionate as this does.”

Trust me, if there was a way I could have pursued HP as an actual career, I would have done it.

And quite honestly, there have been very few things in my life since then that excited me enough to stay up late, writing ideas down in a notebook just for the heck of it (until I discovered coaching).


It’s a good thing that I didn’t decide, “Well, since I can’t pursue a career as a witch or as a Harry Potter Ph.D., I guess my life will be devoid of purpose and meaning.”

As silly as that sounds, that’s what so many of us actually do — we assume that it’s ‘unrealistic’ or ‘impossible’ to have a life and career that makes us feel alive. So we settle for less and end up chronically unsatisfied.

If you really don’t want to have to settle forever, and if you suspect that it might be possible to feel alive and fulfilled (you just aren’t sure how), then we’d love to invite you to a FREE 60-minute online workshop we’re doing this Tuesday, January 31st, at 1pm EST.

We’re going to share with you 3 ways to have an exciting, inspiring, fulfilling career … even if you don’t believe it exists. (Register by clicking below.)

You’re the right person for this workshop if …


We rarely host free workshops, so we bring the good stuff when we do! Here’s what a couple of people said about our last one:


“I honestly learned more in your hour-long workshop than any other place for the last 8 years. Thank you for that.” — Joshua


“Really enjoyed this workshop yesterday! I was there live and it made the difference seeing other people’s comments, seeing that I am not alone in this and that many others are having the same thoughts as me.

I was so inspired that I made a drawing based on the content you shared! Creating that really showed me a lot about myself and what was stuck in my subconscious that hadn’t surfaced yet. Thanks again ladies for helping me figure out my path! I am so glad that a friend of mine referred me to you guys, it has been a life changing process!!” — Carissa


If you can’t make it live, there WILL be a replay. But keep in mind — the replay will expire after 3 days — so make time to watch it while you can.

Registration takes 2 seconds. And we’ll send you a couple of reminders ahead of time, so you don’t miss it.

2017 could be the year you feel more alive, energized, and purposeful than you ever believed possible. It sounds like magic … but you know it’s real, considering I would have gone to school for magic, if I could. 😉

See you on Tuesday!

Much Love,

Rachel + Kristen

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  1. i might can’t watch alive because of the time . it might be after midnight here so i can’t , but i can watch the replay ,so if you people could add a English subtitle i will understand better . thank you so much , you guys make dreams come true

    1. Hi Jake! We don’t currently have the right technology to add subtitles (at least not accurately enough that we can be sure it’s good quality), so we won’t be able to do that for this video. But I appreciate the suggestion! That’s on our minds for future videos. But you’ll have access to the replay for 3 days, so you’ll be able to watch it multiple times, if you need to, to make sure you fully follow all of the content. So glad you’re excited about this workshop! And thank you for such a huge compliment — that means the world!

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